Children Are The Seeds of Your Future Family Farm


by Dan Aberhart

In the ag industry, there is a monumental task ahead of us.

That is to educate, inform, and inspire the youth of today to not only advocate, but become the innovators of the future.

Sara Shymko, Executive Director of Ag in the Classroom Saskatchewan would love to reach all the kids out there with the message of what modern agriculture is all about, and let them know there is a place for anyone who aspires to be a part of growing the future.

“Our approach to agriculture in the classroom has been on a direct to teacher basis, because that’s the only way that we can ensure that it’ll get into the classroom. When we have 13,000 teachers in the province, I know that we are not reaching all of those teachers. We’re probably reaching maybe 2 or 3 thousand of those teachers. When you consider all of the students that don’t have agriculture brought into the classroom, partially because it’s not in the curriculum, the other reality is we are tapped out. We can’t even meet the demands that we have right now for all of our resources and programs. We just don’t have the resources to do that. So, if every single grade four teacher and grade ten teacher were to come to us and want to bring agriculture into the classroom, we would be hard pressed to meet that demand.”

The good news is that demand is increasing for understanding. People care more and more about where their food comes from.

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