Connecting Hearts and Farms: Insights from the Women of Aberhart Farms and Sure Growth Solutions at Connect The Heart of the Farm 2023

At the heart of every successful farm is a team of dedicated individuals, and at Aberhart Farms and Sure Growth Solutions, the women play a pivotal role. Their recent participation in the Connect The Heart of the Farm 2023 conference provided them with a platform to share, learn, and grow. Let’s dive into their experiences and insights from this empowering event.

The Dynamic Women of Aberhart Farms and Sure Growth Solutions

Our conversation featured Jamie Spackman, the Strategic Assistant to Terry Aberhart, Lichelle, the owner of Aberhart Farms, Sarrikah, a 4th generation farmwoman, Missy Hertlein, a farm production assistant, and Chantel Keough, the administrative manager at Aberhart Farms.

Unveiling Their Conference Experience

Jamie Spackman expressed her enthusiasm, “It was truly enlightening for me, especially being a city girl. I connected with other female farmers and industry professionals, and the experience was invaluable.”

Lichelle shared her initial uncertainties, “We were uncertain about what to expect and who the speakers would be.” She found that “the speakers sharing their diverse experiences, especially the immigrant who started her business in Canada, exceeded our expectations.”

Mental Health: A Key Focus

Missy Hertlein emphasized the importance of mental health discussed at the conference. “Mental health was a significant focus. Jody’s advice about prioritizing oneself and advocating for personal well-being resonated deeply,” she said.

Looking Forward to Future Events

When asked about attending next year’s event, the response was a resounding yes. “Absolutely! The unanimous response from all of us is a resounding yes,” they agreed.

Lichelle advocated for broader participation, “We need more women to attend, not only those in agriculture but also those working in the field.” Missy added, “The conference provides a space for women to unwind and share stories.”

Sarrikah reflected on her experience, “As a 4th generation farmwoman, it opened my eyes to the hard work women put into the farming industry.”

Eye-Opening Realizations and Memorable Moments

Chantel Keough shared a significant realization, “Many women feel guilty and feel they need to make decisions as to working or having children.” This topic had a profound impact on the attendees, highlighting the unique challenges women face in the agricultural sector.

The Barbie party at the end of the conference was also a highlight. “The Barbie party at the end was one of the best parts. We’re looking forward to the theme for next year,” they reminisced.

In Conclusion

The women of Aberhart Farms and Sure Growth Solutions found the Connect The Heart of the Farm 2023 conference to be a monumental experience. It provided them with a chance to connect, learn, and grow, both personally and professionally. As they look forward to future events, they carry with them the insights and inspiration gained from this year’s conference, ready to implement them in their roles within the agricultural industry.