Welcoming the Blakeway Family to Aberhart Farms

We are excited to not only have Ian Blakeway join the Aberhart Farms team but also to have his whole family here as well. Below is a little bio about what the Blakeway family did in South Africa before coming to Canada.

We are a farming Family with our roots in the early settlers that came to Africa from Europe. Farming with Beef, Sheep, Maize, Soya and Hay. In later years when Ian became more involved with supplying crop inputs and supporting farmer’s growth, Felicity ran our entire stock operation, managing 300 Dhone Merinos and 350 Simbra type cattle.

Farming is in our blood and provides us with an opportunity, not only to contribute to the future of people around the globe, but also to raise our children in nature whilst enjoying a life that only a farm can provide.

Our Pioneering spirit brought us to Canada, a new Frontier and a country full of great people and the warmest welcome we have ever experienced.

We look forward to contributing not only to the growth and prosperity of Aberhart Farms, but to the growth and sustainability of future generations.


Rob Saik presentation to Bill Gates about Agri-Trend / Trimble Ag Software – Show casing Aberhart Farms

Rob Saik shared his story of Agri-Trend to Bill Gates, Lowell Wood, Nathan Myhrvold and 51 others at the Smart Farming Session organized by the Global Good Foundation at the Intellectual Ventures Lab in Seattle on May 3, 2017.  He was explaining how we leverage Trimble Ag Software through our Coaches to help farmers. He was able to demonstrate how we use TAS to help farmers allocate scarce resources by showing Aberhart Farms in Langenburg, SK and Omer Farm in Uganada on his smart phone.  He talked about how it saves time and shrinks space, then he discussed their Integrated Strategy and showed off some of the technology including PowerZone and SIS. This is pretty exciting to have our farm show cased at such an important meeting.


Spring Fever!!!!

The boys are busy getting all of the equipment ready for seeding. They have enjoyed working in the sun!

New Office Sign

Our new office sign looks pretty awesome!

Aberhart Farms Management & Advisory Team

The Aberhart Farms Management met with the Advisory Team on Thursday February 9, 2017 at Elkhorn Resort to review the last year and discuss Strategic Planning for the 2017 year.

Strategic Team Meetings 2017

The Aberhart Farm team met on Friday, February 10, 2017 to discuss this years Strategic plan and Top 10 projects for 2017. We host a family supper that evening and spend the weekend together at the waterpark, skating on the outdoor rink and enjoying the weekend activities hosted by the Friends of Riding Mountain National Park.

Dinner with the Dickens with our team!

We shared a very entertaining evening with our team to celebrate a very busy year and successful harvest. We are lucky to be able to work and have the support of many great people.